to Mar 4

The Gathering: Choreographing Black Space in Detroit

A week long residency collaboration between NY based Skeleton Architecture, Harge Dance Stories, Black dance artists in Detroit, and University of Michigan students that intentionally creates space for black women and gender non-conforming dancers to be in communion with one another.

A public showing will take place March 4, 2018 at Light Box.

This residency is supported by Experiments in Coalition through Daring Dances.

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to Mar 23

Groundings Exhibition @ MCA Chicago

Jennifer Harge will be a performer in residence to develop TOMBOY, an immersive exhibition that invests in the creation of Black space and Black queer liberation practices through mundanity, intimacy, and the home. During the residency Harge plans to develop and experiment with movement scores that prioritize domestic mundanity, Black interiority, and choreographing pleasure.

A performance of Harge’s research will be held on March 22 at MCA.

More info here!

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to Jun 1

EXPLODE queer dance

Jennifer Harge will perform an excerpt of TOMBOY as part of EXPLODE queer dance, in collaboration with the University of California-Riverside Department of Dance and their Indigenous Choreographers Initiative for two days of performances at the University of California-Riverside/ARTSBLOCK.

Performances will take place at Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts

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to Aug 11

EXPLODE queer dance: Midwest

EXPLODE queer dance, in a co-curation by Clare Croft and Anna Martine Whitehead, explores queer dance in and of the Midwest. Jennifer Harge will perform an excerpt of TOMBOY.

Performances will take place at Links Hall, Northwestern University, and various Chicago sites TBD.


This festival is sponsored and runs co-currently with the Annual Conference of the Dance Studies Association, where Harge will speak on Plenary 1: “Reservoirs of Movement: Common Flows and Circulation”

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