Teaching Statement

I approach the classroom as a communal space, inviting students into the room by creating a shared process. I offer a great deal of myself to the room and encourage students to contribute their physical aesthetic and investigations to the class environment. My belief is if we all present ourselves to the work, there is space to be informed and influenced by each other. We take inventory of our movement experiences and investigate (and re-investigate) the depths of these findings. I work to facilitate clarity in these developments and see how the information I offer can deepen their artistic and academic practices. Using peer-to-peer observations, I ask students to use their classmates as a learning device--always insisting that we listen and respect different entry points. 

I treat my classes as a responsibility. As my dance and educational experiences rest on shoulders of those before me, I open my classroom to provide shoulders for students to stand. I nudge them beyond their hesitancies and challenge them in their pursuit of artistic and academic endeavors. 

photo: Carlos Funn