Olivier Demeffe Photography

Olivier Demeffe Photography

harge dance stories

Harge Dance Stories is a Detroit-based collective who uses storytelling to strengthen community engagement and promote social change. Their work is rooted in cultural studies--examining what bodies and communities tell us about culture, history, and the present moment:

what is written on the body and these spaces? How can we make meaning of that inscription?

The dances give audiences a framework to see how the dancing body moves us, makes us see ourselves, and makes us see each other.


The company's work has been presented by Detroit Institute of Arts, Music Hall Center for Performing Arts, Midwest RAD Festival, The Carr Center, Oakland Dance Festival, Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts, Henry Ford Community College, and Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy. 

From 2015-2016 they were the Artist Hub's artist-in-residence at the The Carr Center in Detroit. 



jennifer harge

Jennifer Harge is a performer, art maker, and educator. Trained as a modern dancer, Harge’s work lies at the intersection of movement, performance art, African American culture, and choreographies of protest. Her creative work has been made for both site specific and proscenium stage performances--most recently at Detroit Institute of Arts, Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts, Music Hall Center for Performing Arts, Belle Isle Park, Standard ToyKraft (Brooklyn), and in her grandmother’s basement. She has also been invited to present her research at Allied Media Conference and the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance conference at Duke University. Harge holds a  MFA from University of Iowa as a Dean’s Graduate Fellow and a BFA from University of Michigan. She currently holds lecturer appointments at Oakland University and University of Michigan. 


In 2014, she created Harge Dance Stories to further investigate black bodies/stories and experimental dance making. As an art maker, she approaches these subjects with a sense of urgency and responsibility because of her belief in using the stage for education, nudging, and stimulation. 


Jennifer also likes to tell jokes.