a series of works that calls upon ancestral knowledge, Black folklore, and movement technologies to offer Black audiences strategies towards bodily autonomy.




FLY | DROWN (2019)

Fly | Drown platforms the ways in which Black domestic spaces have provided sites for Black womxn to exercise acts of pleasure and self-sovereignty. The work operates an an immersive exhibition and simulates Harge’s grandparents home in Highland Park, MI where they landed after traveling north during the Great Migration. Fly | Drown uses Black migration routes as a point of departure to invoke lineages belonging to Black domestic spaces in the Midwest and gestures toward practices that honor and queer ancestral legacies. The work suggests that the embodied memories and artifacts that belong to the architectural renderings of Black domestic spaces have enabled fellowship, grieving, archiving, and the development of queer genealogy.



FEDS WATCHING subverts the surveillance of blackness by re-mapping and manipulating the somatic impulses learned as a result of a surveilled black embodiment. FEDS WATCHING is something like a ritual, a folktale, a funeral repass, and/or a training manual to posit how black bodies might move beyond or move before racialized surveillance.