a series of works that calls upon ancestral knowledge, personal experience, and movement to offer Black audiences strategies towards bodily autonomy.




FLY | DROWN (2019)

FLY | DROWN is a performance that uses mundanity as a tool for accessing pleasure for Black femme queer bodies. The performance utilizes somatic techniques that are particular to these bodies as they move between public and private spaces. These corporeal shifts make room for the performer to access pleasure, healing, and the multiplicity of identity, while also calling attention to the ways in which this body has to shrink and/or perform inside colonial, heteronormative, and patriarchal societies. FLY | DROWN is informed by the collective and personal experiences that exist between public spaces and private black domestic spaces. This performative oscillation, between the hyperpublic and the intersubjective, exhibits the barriers and methods for accessing pleasure in a Black femme queer embodiment.



FEDS WATCHING subverts the surveillance of blackness by re-mapping and manipulating the somatic impulses learned as a result of a surveilled black embodiment. FEDS WATCHING is something like a ritual, a folktale, a funeral repass, and/or a training manual to posit how black bodies might move beyond or move before racialized surveillance.